Welcome To NBKay.com

Welcome to my new website, NBKay.com! Spoiler alert: I'm no one special. I consider myself a Memphis Grizzlies SuperFan, but you won't find me sitting courtside or rubbing elbows with the Memphis elite. You'll usually find me in the terrace section of the Grindhouse, screaming my head off and holding up my Grizzly Weight Championship wrestling belt. I'm just a normal girl with an abnormal level of passion for grit and grind. And I was inspired to share my story with all of you. Not because my story is more important or more interesting than yours. I guarantee that the majority of the people reading this have far more exciting lives and important stories to tell. But I started thinking that maybe if I open up and share some of the things I'm passionate about, it will inspire all of you to do the same. My story is a work in progress and my life is far from perfect. And although I plan to write plenty about my favorite team, this isn't a Memphis Grizzlies fan site. NBKay.com is my personal website where I am free to be myself. This is a place where sincerely loving the heck out of something is appreciated and encouraged. I've come to the conclusion that being snarky is overrated. So I'm giving myself permission to be sincerely excited about the things I love. I hope you'll do the same. Thank you for giving me a shot.

"I ain't really lookin' to be no star. I'm
not a star. I'm just a blue-collar guy who work hard every day."
- Tony Allen