The Motivated AF Guest List For Fall 2018 Is Here!

All new guest episodes of Motivated AF with Katee Forbis start September 17th! Watch the full-length promo for the fall 2018 season featuring wisdom from all of my amazing guests! Click on my guest's name for a little more info on them!

Guests featured on the fall 2018 season of Motivated AF with Katee Forbis:
Singer/Songwriter/Pop Artist, Frenchie!
Actress/Writer/Yogi/Model, Rosalyn R. Ross
Sport/Fitness Instructor/U of M basketball alum, Will Coleman
Diversifit CEO and World's Toughest Mudder finisher, Cole Giovannetti
Symmetry CEO/XPT Breath Coach/fitness and recovery expert, Taylor Somerville
Professional Photographer and Engineer, Michael Butler Jr.