About Katee Forbis

Katee Forbis is a podcast host, writer, speaker and ranter. Her podcast, Motivated AF with Katee Forbis, keeps it real while also encouraging and motivating listeners. Katee refers to her podcast content as "corny with cuss words" and "punk rock positivity." After losing both her parents within 2 years, Katee decided it was time to take her father's advice. In 2012, in a card, he had written "Please do not let a dream delayed become a dream denied." Katee had always dreamed of being a speaker and writer who could inspire others with her empathetic yet somewhat rebellious motivational style. Since her mother passed in 2016 from younger-onset Alzheimer's, Katee is passionate about helping younger people learn the truth about Alzheimer's and hopes we can find a cure in her lifetime. She is also a self-proclaimed SuperFan of the Memphis Grizzlies. Her passion for the Grizzlies has given her a loyal following of several thousand like-minded fans on Twitter. When she is not ranting on Twitter, she enjoys watching Memphis Grizzlies games at the Grindhouse. She is a fan of professional wrestling and has been known to break into the Daniel Bryan "YES!" chant when the occasion calls for it. She enjoys fitness and talking about it in an approachable way. She loves inspiring others in any way she can. Katee was born in Memphis, Tennessee and is proud to be from such an incredible city. Katee is writing this herself and she thinks it's weird writing in the third person.